Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

A report text

subject : MANGO
By : juanita WR,XI IPS I (23)SMA N I MOJOLABAN.

Mango is a sort of fruit is produced by large evergreen tropical tree. The latin name for the is Mangifera Indica. The fruit mostly has an oval shape. Its skin is smooth. The young mango looks green and when it gets ripe. It becomes yellowish or reddish. It has flesh and seed in side. When the fruit gets ripe,the flesh turns yellew or orange.
There are many varieties of mangoes,popular especially in Indonesia,namely: gadung,manalagi,arum manis, madu,golek,etc. They have differences in size,taste,color and shape. Golek mango is the longest in shape and taste quite sour when it is not relly ripe. Gadung mango has its popularity because it taste sweet and deliciuos. Most green and unripe mangoes can be used for one of the ingredients of "rujak".
Mango trees are usually planted in front of houses. However,some farmer also grow them in their fields for commercial purposes. Cultivating mango is not too difficult. It can be planted by a seed,transplantation,grafting,and many other methods.
To get goot crops,fertilizer is necessary. The tree usually produces some fruits after about two years. It has certain season in a year blooming and fruiting.

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